Articles and Research

The Neurology of Posture by Don Hazen, D.C.

Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury

Spiraling Babies By Raymond J . Bishop, Jr .

It’s a wrap: Research into human fascia rapidly gains attention By ANN MARIE MCQUEEN

Rolfing scores a touchdown: Minnesota Viking Players Choose Rolfing

The Myth of the “Pinched Nerve”

Sensory-Motor Amnesia: Behind the Mystery of Insidious Pain, by Lawrence Gold

Scoliosis and Proprioception by Robert Schleip

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries Ways to Avoid It and Work With It A Rolfer’s perspective By Siana Goodwin

Rolfing: Bringing the Body Back to its Natural State of Balance by Darlene E. Paris

Surgery No Better for Sciatica Than Other Treatments
Critical Mass in the Twilight Zone by Coach Emmett Hines

Low back pain: an alternative approach to relief By John Russo/

Doctor's Opinions on Rolfing
Tuning Up Your Training in the New Year by Gary A. Beale, Ph.D.

Sports Medicine By Kate Cheney

Rolfing and Age

Rolfing and Dancers

Rolfing and Sport

Exploring the 21st Century's New Medicine
Rolfing® and Pilates: Dynamic duo for low back pain
by Mark Powell

Yoga And Rolfing Lead One To Wholeness by Mark Powell 

Rolfing: A New Word for Relief by Rosie Molinary


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